Create Your Claims Online

For fastest service, log into your account on to create your claim. Claims created online receive top priority and, depending on your employer’s plan, your claim can be processed for same-day payment if received by 9am Pacific.

How To Send Your Claims

We accept claims by fax, mail or electronically at the Secure Claims Portal. We do not accept claims by email.

Mail Claims To: Fax Claims To:
PO Box 16099
Fresno, CA 93755

Pay My Provider

If available with the service option chosen by your employer, you may be able to have claims paid directly to your provider.  You’ll find this option, if available, in the Submit A Claim function on   In Step 2 of Submit a Claim, Pay My Provider will be seen next to Pay me.  If you choose Pay My Provider, we will ask you for the name and address of the provider as well as the providers invoice and account number.  As usual, you will need to provide “independent, third-party” documentation of the expense such as a detailed bill or an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms from your health plan.  The payment will be sent to your provider and you’ll get an email confirming that the payment was sent.    If you click on the Plus sign next to the service date in your Claim Activity page, you’ll see the check number, the date of the payment and confirmation of the amount that was paid directly to your provider.

RECURRING Day Care Claims

If you have a recurring day care claim situation, you can send us one claim form a year using the Dependent “Day Care” Recurring Expense Form. When your completed recurring claim is received, it will be setup for automatic reimbursement for a maximum of 12 months or the remainder of the plan year in which the “beginning date” of the expenses occurs, whichever is less. For example, if the plan year is calendar and this form is received in February, the claim will be setup for 11 months, beginning in February and ending in December. Please let us know immediately if your day care situation changes during the year. If the rates or care provider changes during the year, you will need to send in a new recurring expense claim. You will need to submit a new recurring claim for each plan year.

Claims Documentation

To be reimbursed from your account, you will make your claim and send the claim form with documentation of your expenses. Documentation can be copies of Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms or detailed bills from your care provider that include the name of the provider, the dates of the services, the nature of the services and the name of the person who received the services. Check copies, “payments on account”, and “prior balance” bills are not sufficient. You can only be reimbursed for expenses you owe and will not be paid by your insurance or any other benefit plan. Keep copies of your claims for your personal records.

When to file claims

Expenses must be incurred in the Plan Year during your “period of coverage” (while you are an eligible, active participant) in the benefits you have elected. An expense is “incurred” when you receive the service, not when you pay the bill.

If you terminate employment or participation in your benefit accounts during the year, please submit your claims immediately after the termination date. As a general rule, your eligibility for expenses will end with your termination and most plans require that claims be submitted within 60-90 days of the termination, possibly less. For specific information about your benefit plan, including the claims filing deadlines and other important information such as the eligibility requirements, the plan entry date, the available benefits, please refer to the Summary Plan Description which is available from your employer.

Secure Claims Portal

You can also post your claims online on our secure claims portal. It’s easy to use and very fast. Just scan your completed claim form and supporting documentation in a single file in the Adobe Acrobat format, click the Secure Claims Portal link and then post your claim online. Please be sure to enter your name and the name of your employer in the “Add A Message” box.

Claims sent to the Portal should be in Adobe Acrobat format with both the claim form and supporting documents in a single file. PLEASE identify yourself in the “Add A Message” box. Unidentified files and files sent in any format other than Adobe Acrobat may not be considered a claim submission. Files sent to the Portal in executable formats will be deleted without opening, including but not limited to file formats such as: .exe, .zip, .eml, .com, .html and .vbs.

Secure Debit Card Documentation Portal

While more than 80% of all debit card transactions are approved automatically, some transactions will need to be reviewed. If you are asked to document a transaction, you can post the supporting documentation online if it is in Adobe Acrobat format. You must include the claims reference number, the date and amount of the transaction, your name and your employer’s name in the “Add A Message” box.