The Debit Card – Tax Savings Made Easy

The Debit Card brochure is available in Adobe Acrobat (click here).

The Debit Card provides immediate payment of your eligible expenses as you receive the services – no cash out of your pocket and no need to wait for reimbursement.

The Debit Card also allows for many expenses to be approved automatically with no other paperwork or documentation requirements.

Automatic Approvals

Each time you use your Flex Debit Card, our system will review the expense amount as well your insurance plan co-payment schedule, your previously documented expenses and the merchant information and try to “make a match” to automatically approve your claim using the following methods:

Your co-pay transactions can usually be approved automatically if the amount matches the co-payment schedule for your health plan. For example, if your co-payment amounts are $10 or $35, the system will automatically approve transactions for $10, $35, $50 (5 x $10), $75 (1 x $35 + 4 x $10), etc.

Your transaction will be automatically verified when you shop at participating retailers including Walgreen’s®, Walmart® and® because their checkout systems only bill qualified expenses to your Debit Card and they will ask for another form of payment for the rest of your purchase.

Recurring expenses, such as monthly Orthodontia payments, can be automatically approved after we verify your supporting documentation for the first monthly transaction of that expense for the year. For “Day Care” expenses, you pay the first bill of the year out of pocket, use the Debit Card to pay the next bill and send in the first bill that you paid out of pocket to document the Debit Card transaction.

Keep Your Bills & Receipts

It is important that you keep copies of all of your bills, receipts and statements for your Flex Debit Card transactions because some of them will require documentation to satisfy the IRS requirement, such as large dollar amounts and odd-dollar amounts that don’t match your co-payment schedules.

Review Pending Payments

Transactions that cannot be automatically approved will be listed in the Pending Payments or Review Pending Payments links of your online account. Please allow 5 business days after your transaction for the automatic approval processes to do their job before you review your claims online. You will also receive notices by email and/or regular mail following your transaction.