Say Hello to Pay My Provider

Here at Flex Today we are always striving to make utilizing your benefits as easy and accessible as possible, which is why we are happy to announce our newest tool; Pay My Provider.

Pay My Provider allows participants to have funds sent directly from their account to the provider, eliminating the burden of paying out of pocket.

We offer a couple of options to initiate a Pay My Provider transaction; web based claims on and via the new Recurring Day Care and Recurring Orthodontia claim forms that can be found on the claims page at

From, click on Submit a Claim, select Pay my provider, enter all required information and have your funds sent directly to your provider with the next regular processing.  We’ll even send you an email to let you know that the check has been sent.

To verify that the check has been sent to your provider, you will log into your account, click on Claims & Payments and Claim Activity.  Go to the service date of the expense and click on the plus sign on the left.  That will tell you the date of the payment, the check number and the amount paid to your provider.

* Please note that the Pay My Provider option is not available to all plans due to nature of how your employer’s claim reimbursement process.

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